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your entry into the pan-European market!

Is your dream to sell your goods or services in the pan-European market (EU/EEA), but you are afraid of bureaucratic obstacles? With us you will start your business in the European Union in 1 day without the need to register a company, rent an office, open foreign bank account, without high expanses of time and money!

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  1. A contract is concluded between you or your foreign company and our Polish business incubator Invest Discovery Sp. z o.o.
  2. Afterwards you can immediately start trading your goods or services in the territory of the European Union on behalf of the Polish company Invest Discovery Sp. z o.o. but under you own trade mark.
  3. You pay us monthly only for accounting services (from 50 EUR/month*).
  4. Money from your customers are being transferred to our bank accounts in a Polish bank, afterwards we transfer the money to your bank account in your country.

* The cost of accounting services depends on the number of invoices per month:

The number of invoices per month 3 7 20 40 60 80 100
Cost netto, PLN 219 439 618 855 1093 1308 1569
Cost netto, EUR * 50 100 141 195 250 299 358

* Approximately. The exact price in EUR is calculated at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland EUR/PLN.

If you still want to register your own company in Poland, we will help you too:

registration of companies in Poland and accounting services.

Our Clients

Bollywood Europa is a UK based European entertainment company specialised in release of Indian genre movies.

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Smartum Pro.
Our expertise and knowledge helps to create profitable and productive mobile applications for iOS, Android and cross-platform solutions.

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The Jupiter Group is a full service staffing and solutions company specializing in Information Technology and Finance & Accounting professionals.