Simply register, fill your profile and search for partners and projects. If you are investor you can find promising projects to invest. There are startups and established companies looking for investments, scientists looking for financial support of their innovative research projects, intellectual property owners (IPOs) looking for partners who can help in commercialization of their inventions. If you are an entrepreneur you will find here the latest engineering solutions, business partners and investors for your companies and startups. If you are intellectual property owner, add information about your patents and find business partners or investors interested in commercialization of your inventions. If you are scientist, upload your research project proposals and find financial support or interested partners from industry.
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  1. First, you have to fill your profile as “Entrepreneur”, “Scientist” or “IPO”, respectively. To do so, please click one of these buttons at the top menu, fill the boxes and press “Save”.

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  2. Then click “About Me” and go to your general profile. There will appear an appropriate menu with the buttons “My companies”, “My startups”, “My research projects” and “My technologies”. Press one of these buttons.

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  3. Then press “Add business”, “Add proposal” or “Add technology”, respectively.

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  4. Fill information about your project and press “Save”.

Should you have any further questions and you can’t find an answer at the website don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail: info[at]investdiscovery.com